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I do not have an indoor studio. Outdoor sessions from March to November.

No. 1 > Photography Packages

An Abandoned Site

Capturing the beauty of today.

No. 2 > Philosophy

I fell in love with photography as it collided two worlds for me: the desire to create and my love to work with children and families.

Specializing in family portraiture, I want to encourage you to embrace the present.

Let it be a new bundle a joy, a toddler who wants to hold your hand the entire time or your growing and independent teen.

It is a gift to be here and be able to capture and preserve these fleeting moments.

My sessions are so relaxed - filled with fun and authentic interaction. This is the key to capturing genuine moments.

Book now and let’s have some fun

while we chase golden hour!

  • I have 2 girls, 1 boy and a pup.
  • Love fun glasses.
  • Grew up in a farming family. Then married a farmer.
  • In my sourdough era. Indoor plant lady era is on deck.
  • I don’t drink coffee or alcohol.
  • Love basketball.
  • I am a homebody but also love our family trips.
  • My siblings are my best friends.
  • Cats will never have my heart.
  • Lover of acoustic music and theatre/arts.
  • I can’t wink. My husband just can’t get over this.
  • I live in basics and athletic clothes (sorry Mom).
  • Big fan of smoothies.
  • Give me all the distressed denim.
  • Love my Peloton rides and country road runs.
  • I find cleaning and organizing nothing but rewarding and therapeutic.
  • I love jewelry for someday my kids and grandkids will have it.
  • Would like to be a chef in my next life - love being in the kitchen and involving our children while cooking.
  • I have Crohn’s Disease and embrace how it shaped me and my mind.
  • Religious ed teacher to littles. Oh, the joy they bring me.
  • Enjoy dabbling into marketing/design.
  • I don’t read books or watch shows at night.
  • You will find me in my house moccasins. COMFY!
  • Chapstick addict.
  • My husband and I have talked about flipping a home someday.
  • Love planting flowers and our garden in the summer.
  • This career has led me to some of my closest friends. Grateful indeed.

Fun Facts

No. 3 > The Color Palette

Let’s talk color for a moment.

When booking with BSP, you most likely have already observed my love for warmth, depth and yes - neutrals. So choosing colors, styles and textures that coordinate will help create those aesthetically pleasing portraits that flow well with my editing style.

Logos and shirts with fonts are fun - but not for photos. Keep it simple and let the beauty of mother nature and your scenic environment fill in those extra details.

I am always here to help you piece it all together.

Mountain at Fog Day

Turning ordinary moments into something

a bit more magical.

No. 4 > Lifestyle

Snow Covered Mountains Near the River

Let them be

the storyteller...

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No. 5 > Contact

Check out some of my posted gallery previews on Facebook -

Bridget Samson Photography.

If you like what you see, reach out via FB messenger to start the booking process.

Or you can email at heier.bridget@gmail.com

BSP is based out of Eden, SD -

which is located in northeast South Dakota.